Stove-top Fan-Ce

Stove top fans in actionThe use of wood burners and multi-fuel stoves in the UK has increased massively in recent years as domestic heating costs have increased. However, one drawback is the length of time it can take to warm a room from cold. The heavy metal stoves are best for long burns, far less convenient than simply turning on a gas fire!  These innovative stove top fans made from recycled computer parts are powered by the heat of the stove and aim to reduce the time it takes to heat a room by mixing the air and reducing the heat gradients.

Our Involvement

We were introduced to Mathew Look of Look Creations by Lindsay Allen of the Peak Park Authority. Her team help businesses who operate in the Peak District and when she met with Mathew she sent him to us to take advantage of the facilities that we can offer a business.

Mathew told us more about the origins of the project, "I was unable to find a Stove-top Fan which would be suitable for confined space around my wood burning stove, so in October 2011 I challenged myself to make my own before the end of the year. By January I had a prototype assembled from a selection of recycled PC components and the positive response I received from an alternative energy forum and video I posted on YouTube encouraged me to develop the idea. I then went on to develop a production version, the Fan-C and used all things Internet to promote it for minimal cost.

Feedback from the market highlighted that unlike my own wood burning stove, many potential client stoves reached high surface temperatures well beyond the 220 oC limit for the fan in its current format. If the Fan-Ce was to have a serious chance of being taken up in significant volumes here was an opportunity for development. It was at this point that I was introduced to Tony Gospel from the Environmental Technology Centre at the University of Nottingham. The ETC have offered support for Research and Development of the fan beyond what I could achieve in my small workshop. We already have a brief developed and prototypes are being assembled. I'm looking forward to the results and development of the Fan-Ce for high temperature stoves."

Trials of the fan being operated at high temperature are currently ongoing, watch this space!

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