What we offer

European Regional Development Funding (ERDF) allows the ETC to provide consultancy to SMEs in the East Midlands Region of up to 5 days.

Below are examples of some of the areas where we can help.

Environmental assessment

An environmental assessment can help identify where improvements can be made by:

  • Examining how resources can be used more efficiently
  • Managing water and energy consumption
  • Suggesting technologies which could bring about improvements.

Two to five day project

A more in-depth project of up to five days can be tailored towards environmental needs. As part of the University of Nottingham, a project can give you access to world class expertise and equipment.

Make research work for your company 

If you are involved in Research and Development please contact our academic liaison officer, Dr Gérald Busca. Gérald can help to find the right academic partner, advise on funding and help to facilitate that initial contact. He also regularly updates a guide to help SMEs interested in strengthening their market position through collaboration.
Guide to collaborative R&D for SMEs.


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