External Relations
NameTelephoneJob DescriptionContact
Administrative Staff
Aldred, David0115 84 67476Head of WebEnvelope Icon
Berresford, Guy0115 95 13222SEO SpecialistEnvelope Icon
Calder, Julie0115 95 14133Pharmacy Web CoordinatorEnvelope Icon
Gutteridge, Andrew0115 84 67332CMS Web DeveloperEnvelope Icon
Kalia, Hament0115 84 68664Web OfficerEnvelope Icon
Loxton, Mike0115 82 32597Web Support OfficerEnvelope Icon
Moriarty, Edwin0115 95 32375I write and consult on copy for the web, and also advise on complianceEnvelope Icon
Sohotra, Simpson0115 84 67589Web and DigitalEnvelope Icon
Wilks, Gemma0115 95 13891Web DesignerEnvelope Icon

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