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Case study: Structural Biology Research Group website

This was the first research group website which I had created using the new template. I produced it for Professor Jonas Emsley in Pharmacy, towards the end of summer 2013, and the finished site can be seen here: www.nottingham.ac.uk/research/groups/structural-biology

Jonas had a summer student, Noren Pisani, who was asked to create the first draft content for the website. Having Noren worked well, because she was available most of the time over the summer. In contrast, Jonas was very busy, so it was quite hard to pin him down!

Special points

  • Jonas had two different movies to display on the homepage – there were no problems accommodating this.
  • The related research groups list does not contain other research groups from Nottingham – those listed are external groups that are associated in some way with the Structural Biology Research Group, so I just added the relevant links (no need for meta data).
  • The most difficult content to obtain was the personal details from the PhD research students – I’m still waiting for some content now!
  • The current research projects were listed under ‘Research Projects’ in the left-hand menu – the names of each project were complicated and confusing and didn’t look very appealing when they were listed directly in the left-hand menu.
  • I ended up with three rotating images. A fourth one, which was particularly appealing, we unfortunately had to remove for copyright reasons.

In summary

On the whole, it was quite a pleasant experience creating this research group website for Jonas. I didn’t have to use the thumbscrews too often to obtain content and feedback and, once I had sorted out the subsite data and subsiteprefs, it was reasonably plain sailing.

Roll on the next one!

Julie Calder

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