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Delete unwanted content

We are due to upgrade Contensis CMS in the early months of 2013. To ensure the upgrade runs as quickly and efficiently as possible we are asking all users to delete any unwanted items (pages, images, documents and video).

Only delete items you definitely don’t need back.

Deleting unwanted items will free over 20Gb of space which is quite substantial.

Check nothing uses it

Generally, where you have an item that is no longer being used, there shouldn’t be anything linking to it. However, sometimes links remain active. Before deleting, check nothing depends on your item. To do this:

  1. in the navigator, click on the item you wish to delete
  2. select usage 
  3. from the drop down, select linked to – this will show all items that link TO this item

    You need to remove the links otherwise you won't be able to delet the item. Re-link items to current, suitable content where necessary.

    Checking dependencies for images will list all pages that are dependent on that image. So ensure you replace the unwanted image with a new one or remove the unwanted image before deleting.

    NOTE: If images are used as backgrounds via CSS or are pulled in using a media gallery, folder images banner or generic list (for rotating images) the images will not show as being linked.
  4. when linked to links have been removed you can delete your item
  5. in the navigator, click on the item you wish to delete
  6. select delete
  7. you will be asked to confirm your deletion
  8. if there are still some items linking to that item you will be prompted
  9. click yes to confirm or no to cancel the delete action


External Relations

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