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Website creation process

The full process of creating a new website in the University's content management system (CMS) from submitting the initial request to the site going live. 

Step one

Contact your Web Coordinator to discuss your new site.

If you do not have a Web Coordinator, please discuss this with your area manager. 

It may be that your new site should replace an existing site or should be a section within your department, school or unit rather than a seperate site. 

Step two

Consider who will be populating your site after the Web Team creates your basic structure. 

You will need to provide a list of editors/approvers who are CMS trained

Editors: Can create and edit content

Approvers: Can approve, delete and archive content as well as managing the menu order. Users should not be approving their own work. 

Admin: Your admin will be your Web Coordinator. Site admins can edit the website title and footer and create mini templates. 


Step three

Complete the website request form

Request a general websiteRequest a conference site

Step four

We will be in touch with any further queries or confirmation within two working days of receiving your request.

Once your request has been approved, the Web Team will set up your new site in the CMS and provide access to the specified users.


Step five

Once you are confident that your site is complete (including copy, images and working links):

  1. check the site against our quality checklist
  2. request a quality check

A quality check is the last review before a completed site goes live; it shouldn’t be used to gauge progress.

Unfortunately the Web Team do not have the resource to do a full quality check before the site is complete. 

Step six

Once your site passes the quality check, the Web Team will:

  1. publish your site live
  2. set up any redirects/custom URLs

Please allow up to ten working days for the quality check and proxying process.

When your site is live, please ensure you continue to maintain the site such as fixing any broken links and updating the content regularly. 


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