External Relations

Image of Lizzy McCaig-Last

Lizzy McCaig-Last

Digital Marketing and Campaigns Manager, Faculty of Registrars



Representing the voice of the customer, I lead and contribute to the development of a deep understanding of the wants, needs and motivations of our target audiences - from prospective students to parents, carers and other influencers. I liaise with colleagues in External Relations to further understand our research, policy makers and our wider publics to help gain a fuller picture of the prospective student journey.

I manage a team of campaign officers in an agile environment, dedicated to supporting our five academic faculties. I work across departments to create compelling value propositions and segmented marketing solutions that drive demand for our courses.

Using data to inform your decision making, I monitor performance to build exceptional customer experiences and irresistibly convenient user journeys across a mix of channels.

I am also part of a marketing community of practice collaborating on university wide projects, sharing subject matter expertise, and creating a culture of continuous improvement and innovation.