2018/19 - Tuition Fees for Sponsored Students

If a student is sponsored by a third party e.g, embassy, government or employer, it is the students responsibility to provide evidence of their sponsorship at the beginning of each academic session:

  • NEW INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: should scan a copy of the letter confirming their sponsorship to
  • ALL OTHER NEW STUDENTS (excl. HOME/EU UGs and PGCEs): should scan a copy to the Tuition Fee Services Team.  Home/EU Undergraduate and PGCE students do not need to provide evidence of sponsorship (please see Tuition Fee Loans section below)
  • RETURNING STUDENTS: must also ensure that up to date sponsorship details have been provided as a new letter may be required for each academic year of study at the University.

Documentation will only be accepted from recognised sponsors. Students should note that the decision as to the recognition of "sponsors" lies with the University. The University will not normally recognise as a sponsor, individuals and members of the student's family. Individuals who are not categorised as University recognised sponsors are required to pay the fees within the same timescale as self-financed students.

As the contract is between the University and the student, failure to produce evidence of sponsorship within 14 days (from date of registration) will result in fees becoming payable by the student and the student will be charged personally. In the event of a sponsor failing to pay within 21 days (of date of invoice), every effort will be made to follow up with the sponsor for payment.

However, where payment is not made by a sponsor the student will ultimately be liable. In these circumstances the student will normally be charged as per the “Instalment dates” stated previously and the student will not be able to progress or graduate until the fees are paid up to date. 

Tuition Fee Loans - Home/EU students only

Once your application has been finalised by Student Finance, information will be provided directly to the University.

In the event of any Student Loans Company queries, please email Financial Support



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