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A-Z Facilities and Services


The following facilities and services are available for use by University of Nottingham staff and external users.  Equipment available through research collaborations is listed in Kit-Catalogue.

Further details of our Services for Business are available through Business Engagement and Innovation Services.  


Accident Research Unit

Psychological transportation research, including Nottingham Integrated Transport and Environmental Simulation (NITES) facility.

Institute for Aerospace Technologies

The Institute for Aerospace Technology provides access to a range of facilities and equipment for research projects.

Analytical Sciences (UoN only)

NMR, Mass Spectrometry, Elemental Analysis and XPS  


Chemistry Innovation Lab

Facilities include: characterisation and analysis of organic, inorganic and biological compounds. These include solution NMR, solid-state NMR, mass spectrometry, SEM, TEM, X-ray diffraction, thermal analysis, EPR, infrared, raman and XPS.  

Clinical & Laboratory Research Facilities  

Facilities include: Flow cytometry, confocal microscopy, real time PCR, ultracentrifugation.

Nottingham Clinical Trials Unit, Magnetic Resonance Imaging Unit, Clinical Research Facility.  


DNA sequencing:

Biomedical Sciences, QMC (3130 ABI PRISM Genetic Analyser)

Deep Seq – Next Generation sequencing facility

Immunology, QMC (3130 ABI PRISM Genetic Analyser)  

Advanced Materials Research Group

Facilities include: Scanning and Electron Microscopy, Transmission Electron Microscopy  


Energy Technologies Building

The facility offers universities and industry opportunities for research and demonstration of energy technologies.  

European Arabidopsis Stock Centre

The Nottingham Arabidopsis Stock Centre (NASC) provides seed and information resources to the International Arabidopsis Genome Programme and the wider research community.  


Flow Cytometry

Molecular Medical Sciences: flow cytometers capable of analysis only (Beckman-Coulter FC500) or both analysis and cell sorting (Beckman-Coulter Altra, Beckman –Coulter MoFlo XDP) are available.

School of Clinical Sciences: Becton Dickinson LSR11 and Becton Dickinson FacsCanto II  

Food and Biofuel Innovation Centre

A combination of three interconnected areas – one for brewing science, one for food processing and one for bioenergy production. Each area has the plant and equipment to carry out research, development and teaching.  


Irradiation Facility

Gulmay (Xstrahl) RS225 Ionising Radiation Cabinet. The cabinet can operate at various voltages (20-220kV (195kV used as standard)) and currents (1.0-30mA (10mA used as standard)) to produce X-rays from a Tungsten target. 


Medical Engineering Unit

A facility for the manufacture of items for use in medical research and education, and clinical care, as well as in the commercial arena.  

Microanalysis Research Facility

Microanalytical services (electron and optical microscopy), with particular expertise in compositional and microstructural analysis.  


Nanoscale and Microscale Research Centre

Facilities include: electron microscopy suite, atomic force microscopy suite, photoemission electron microscopy (PEEM) lab, photoluminescence lab, raman, nanosight, qNano system from Izon.

National Centre for Macromolecular Hydrodynamics

Characterisation of the sizes, shapes and interactions of large “macro”molecules of biomedical and industrial importance (proteins, polysaccharides, DNA, synthetic polymers etc.) and in the environment many occur naturally – water or aqueous solution.  

Nottingham Centre for Geomechanics

Soil and rock mechanics laboratories.  

Nottingham Transportation Engineering Centre

 UKAS accredited testing centre.  


Post Genomics Technologies Facility

Facilities include: microarray, DNA transfer, flow cytometry, ELISA/bead systems, liquid handling, real-time PCR, cell disruption, centrifuges, protein analysis, quantity & quality, synthesis, mass spectrometry, DNA sequencing, microscopy/dissection.  

Precision Manufacturing Centre

World-class ultra-precision manufacturing facilities and equipment with unrivalled engineering expertise.  

Proteomics Laboratory

Services include protein identification by mass spectrometry, as well as additional protein analyses such as accurate intact mass measurement of proteins and covalent/non-covalent interactions.  


School of Life Sciences Imaging (SLIM)

School of Life Sciences Imaging (SLIM) provides cutting-edge imaging facilities to researchers across the University, as well as external collaborators.

SLIM encompasses 3 units, all under one consistent structure; the Advanced Microscopy Unit (AMU), Cell Signalling Imaging (CSI) and Super Resolution Microscopy (SRM).

Sensory Science Centre

A suite of 10 booths designed to ISO Standards (ISO8589:1988), with controlled temperature, lighting and ventilation, links with MSNose, Dynataste delivery system and physiological recording equipment such as Electromyography, custom designed kitchen and a lounge for panellists.  

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