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Rachel Gomes Project

Rachel Gomes says;

"...the data and outputs (e.g. publications obtained from UNICAS collaborations are vital to securing external funding.  I was awarded £15k from UNICAS with the School of Pharmacy's Professor Dave Barratt and together we are developing methods for determining pharmaceuticals during wastewater treatment including evaluating guided-metabolomics strategies and are now working on further University-wide bids for external funding, including 'bridging the gaps'."

Rachel has been awarded the EPSRC First Grant (details below).

BIOTRANSFOROMICS: Bioanalysis to Engineer Understanding in Wastewater Treatment




Galina Pavlovskaya says;

"The UNICAS program allowed me to meet scientists from areas outside my discipline and helped to look at the essence of natural processes independently where they are observed - medicine, physics, engineering or biology.  Ultimately it helped me to access a network of scientists from across the disciplines and broaden my views. In addition, we established active research and industrial collaborations.  A very useful meeting that  provides a great platform for interdisciplinary interactions."





Here are a selection of slides from our sandpits from the last academic year.  

There are a mixture of slides from our Researcher/Academic sandpits and our Researcher/Student Graduate School sandpits.



The application process


Sandpits are generally held in October, December and January. 

Researchers who have found a found a collaborator from another school can submit an application for funding using either the general Application Form (up to £15,000 per project) or the Graduate School Application Form (up to £5,000 per project).  At least one applicant per project needs to have attended a sandpit.

Applications are scored independently, and the committee meets to make a decision in March.  Funding is allocated in order for projects to run from 1st April to 31st July each year.  Funds must be spent by 31st July.


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