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Recognising the breadth of virology investigation occurring across the School of Veterinary Medicine and Science, School of Life Sciences and School of Biosciences a number of researchers came together in 2015 under the remit of a virtual "Institute for One Virology". Through shared seminars, regular meetings and doctoral student programmes they aim to accelerate the impact of their research through combination of their backgrounds in the traditionally separate studies of human, animal and plant based viruses. 

Our researchers have expertise and research experience in diverse areas of virology, including molecular methods, zoonoses, vaccination and diagnostics. By working more closely together we can combine our skills to gain a better understanding of the behaviour of a range of important virus diseases. This will allow us to improve the ability to diagnose, treat and control virus infections of importance to man and animals.

We currently collaborate on a range of important viral diseases, including Zika, Influenza, coronaviruses, bluetongue virus in sheep and viruses causing hepatitis in man. We have now entered the next phase of our development with planned improvements to our research infrastructure and the development of a revised website to reflect our research strengths. To keep up to date with father developments follow us on Twitter (@OneVirology).

Mission Statement:

“One Virology brings together experts with an interest in virology from across the University of Nottingham. Working together, One Virology will enhance the understanding of viral diseases in order to improve diagnosis, treatment and control of viruses that affect people and animals”.

Professor Jonathan Ball
Professor Richard Emes
Dr Janet Daly
Dr Stephen Dunham
Professor Kin-Chow Chang
Professor Duncan Hannant
Dr Kevin Gough
Dr Tani Dottorini
Dr Toshana Foster
Dr Llorenç Grau Roma
Professor David Haig
Dr Julia Kydd
Dr Kenneth Mellits
Professor Peter Mertens
Dr Alex Tarr
Professor William Irving
Dr Rachael Tarlinton

For further information about the group and their activities please contact Dr Janet Daly


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