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The University of Nottingham Interdisciplinary Centre for Analytical Science (UNICAS)


Welcome to UNICAS.

We are a cross-faculty initiative providing funding for collaborative projects, focused on research equipment, and analytical science.

We aim to develop new strategies to solve problems across a broad range of disciplines; resulting in enhanced research capacity and interdisciplinary research.

More information about us, our aims, our successes, and future events can be found by clicking on the images below.  For any other information please get in touch with our Project Manager here.


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Funded Projects


Dr Adam Clare - Next generation titanium dental implants for enhanced soft tissue integration.

Dr Simone de Brot - Comparitve study of urogenital cancer - or how an old dog teaches us new tricks.

Dr Timothy Wright - Black body infrared radiative dissociation (BIRD) for the study of protein interactions.

Dr Nicholas Mitchell - Validating the use of Atomic Force Microscopy to predict the metastatic potential of cancer.

Mr Abdolelah Jaradat - Synthesis of functionalised nanoparticles for inhibition of cancer metastasis.

Dr Priya Ramakrishna - Evaluation of antioxidant and anti-cancerous property of indian black rice straw.

Miss Irene Henning - STED - mediated multi-material 3D micro-printing.


Dr Benjamin Jones - Estimating ultrafine particle emission rates from electronic cigarettes.

Dr Jeni Luckett - Novel prevention of bacterial colonisation in diabetic food ulcers.

Dr Graham Newton - Advanced nanostructured sensors for biomedical applications.

Dr Chris Parmenter - Damage free cryo-TEM imaging of cellular uptake of therapeutic nanomaterials.

Dr Nicholas Watson - ACOUSTIPRINT: A novel ultrasonic method for monitoring colloidal system stability.

Mr Matthew Barron - Ex-vivo H+NMR-Spectroscopy in murine Alzheimer's models.

Miss Priya Ramakrishna - Raman microscopy to determine the differences in the cell walls of model crops.

Mr Peter Smid - Enabling high quality three-dimensional microscopy imaging root samples with Adaptive Optics.


Dr Benjamin Swift - Investigating and developing the potential for a novel mycobacteria detection assay in Cystic Fibrosis patients.

Dr Amanda Wright - Hybrid photonic and plasmonic devices.

Dr Ruman Rahman - Delineating intra-tumour metabolomics heterogeneity in malignant brain tumours through advanced analytical methods.

Dr Deborah Kays - Combining PET imaging and fluorescence imaging capability in novel molecules for medical applications.

Dr Wayne Grant Carter - Characterisation of novel plasma biomarkers and metabolites of liver injury.

Dr Leonel Marques - Development of nano calibration sample for super-resolution microscopy.

Prof Neil Thomas - Characterisation of site-specifically modified synthetic spider silk at the molecular level.

Mr Abdul Kader Kheirallah - A pilot study on the heritability of human voice parameters through 'massive online public engagement' (MOPE).

Dr Eleanor Turpin - Determining size dependent drug release from apoferritin: in silico simulations and experimental validation.

Miss Mina Mossayebi - Design, fabrication and characterisation of high quality plasmonic devices for optical trapping and manipulation.

Dr Jolanda van Munster - Hydrophobin coating of cellulose to improve cellulose activity.


Dr Christina Lee - 'Ancient' biotics: investigating medieval treatments for bacterial infections.

Dr Marie-Christine Pardon - Development and validation of magnetic resonance biomarker or neuroinlfammation.

Dr Caroline Chapman - Can the measurement of microNRAs be of additive value to the measurement of autoantibodies in the identification of Hepatocellular Carcinoma in at-risk individuals.

Dr Mischa Zelzer - Bio-interfaces: Alternative fabrication methods using Electron Beam Lithography.

Dr Graham Rance - Nanoparticle-nanotube superstructures for multi-spectral photodetection.

Dr Sebastian Spain - Controlling Hepatitis C virus epitope AP33 conformation for enhanced vaccine efficacy.

Dr Barbara Turnbull - ChOTs for avalanches.

Dr Catherine Ortori - A multi-disciplinary approach to identifying novel lipid pathways during development.

Dr David Gardner - An in vivo characterisation of the renal cortical and medullary microenvironment with ischaemia-reperfusion in a porcine model.

Mr Cini Melchior - Combining synthesis, cancer biology and surface imaging: generating and understanding a new generation of anti-cancer therapeutics.

Dr Tim Easun - Microwave activation of metal-organic frameworks for research and industry: an energy efficient approach.

Dr David Scurr - Three dimensional chemical mapping of electrospray deposition spots.

Dr Faris Sinjab - Elucidating external and intercellular perturbations of HCT-116 cells treated with jerantine A through atomic force microscopy and Raman spectroscopy.

Dr Veeren Chauhan - Incorporation of fluorescent pH- sensitive nanosensors into a two-photon polymerised cell scaffold.

Dr Alison Ferguson - Micro X-ray CT scanning to determine floral staging in model crops.

Miss Esther Mokori - Targeted protein knockdown in arterial tissue using a novel drug delivery method.

Pre 2013

Prof Neil Oldham - High throughput screening of inhibitors of Ubiquitin protein-protein interaction.

Dr Rachel Gomes - Determination and remediation of bioactive chemicals in wastewater treatment.

Dr Becky Trueman - Duel-biomarkers for neuronal tract tracing and transport imaging.

Dr Luisa Martinez-Pomares - Macrophages as biomarkers in inflammatory diseases.

Dr Galina Pavlovskaya - Low-density lipid (LDL) transport in arteries - experiment and modelling.

Dr Kevin Webb - Label-free visualisation of lipid changes within human blood brain barrier cells under parasite attack by 3rd harmonic generation microscopy.




Research and Innovation

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