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Open data

Research Councils UK are increasingly expecting researchers to share not only their publications, but also the data that underlies the publication. 

This drive towards Open Access for both publications and data will increase the amount of data available to other researchers and is part of the growing worldwide movement to share research data.



The University are working with organisations such as DataCite to provide unique Digital Object Identifiers (DOI). 

A DOI is a unique and persistent method of identifying digital content and is commonly used to identify journal articles. The move towards open data means DOIs are becoming the standard to identify and cite data sets.

Why share data?

  • sharing data helps others to understand why the research is being undertaken and why it is important to society.
  • by going through the process of sharing your data, you will understand which data is important and how others could use your results. This will help you to identify, locate and safeguard your data in the future or if someone requests it unexpectedly.
  • data can be combined or 'mashed up', linked, used in other fields, used by your peers and used commercially. With the overall benefit being that of advancing society through the sharing of research.

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