EPSRC expectations

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How to comply with EPSRC data expectations

The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) ‘Policy Framework on Research Data’ identifies research data as a ‘public good and produced in the public interest’ that should be managed and shared in order to protect and maximise the investment made in its creation.

Both the University and its researchers are required to adhere to a set of nine expectations concerning the management and provision of access to EPSRC-funded research data. The University is developing the infrastructure, support services/tools and policies to enable the institution and its researchers to meet these requirements

If you are publishing a research paper on or after 1 May 2015 then compliance with the EPSRC expectations are within scope of your research.

The EPSRC shall be assessing compliance with these expectations for research outputs published on or after the 1 May 2015.



What you need to do to comply

  1. Maintain an awareness of RCUK Common Principles on Data Policy and the EPSRC expectations. The EPSRC provided further clarifications in October 2014.
  2. Provide a data availability (access) statement in your research paper on how the research data underpinning your publication can be accessed. This can be achieved through the inclusion of a persistent, unique identifier such as a Digital Object Identifier (DOI).
  3. Ensure that the research data that underpins your publication is accessible. For advice on guidance on how to do this please contact researchdata@nottingham.ac.uk.
  4. Consider how you will manage any non-digital research data and how (if appropriate) this can be made publicly accessible.
  5. The University is required to maintain a data registry which will list all of the research data outputs form the university. Please contact researchdata@nottingham.ac.uk and provide details of your research data. This can include either a DOI and/or information on: 
    1. What the data is
    2. Where the data is located
    3. How can the data be accessed
  6. You are required to publish sufficient information to support the discovery and re-use of your data (metadata). You can do this by depositing your data in a recognised subject/disciplinary repository. For guidance on how to do these please contact researchdata@nottingham.ac.uk 
  7. The EPSRC expect that publicly funded research data should be made widely available and accessible in a timely and responsible manner. If there are legitimate reasons for restricting access to your data you will need to state these reasons in the data description (metadata). Legitimate reasons include: commercial and highly sensitive personal research data.
  8. Maintain an awareness of data management costing. Consider the resourcing and costs required in order to curate and preserve your research data. You will need to remember that:
    1. Your research data needs to be stored and accessible for the long-term
    2. Your research data should be accessible at least 10 years after any privileged access period expires