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Data reuse

In January 2004, the OECD brokered an international Declaration on Access to Research Data from Public Funding, recognising the significance of sharing and re-using data to further scientific research and innovation.

After various UK initiatives to encourage data sharing, many Research Councils now require data to be archived.

A summary of requirements is available from the JULIET database. Also, the Research Councils UK have produced the Common Principles on Data Policy.



What does this mean for data creators?

Research data should be made openly available with as few restrictions as possible in a timely and responsible manner that does not harm intellectual property.

  • Is the data sound and fit for release?
  • Consider any ethical issues around releasing data
  • Ensure that you have the right to release the data
  • Use a Creative Commons License to clearly indicate how you expect your data to be used.

Institutional and project specific data management policies should be in accordance with relevant standards

  • See the University of Nottingham Data Management Policy ------------

To enable research data to be discoverable and effectively re-used, sufficient metadata should be recorded and made available

  • Detail technical and descriptive metadata according to agreed standards. See our metadata scheme ---------

RCUK recognises that there are legal, ethical and commercial constraints on release of research data

  • Consider carefully any stipulations and implications with the research proposal.
Those who undertake Research Council funded work may be entitled to a limited period of privileged use of the data they have collected to enable them to publish the results of their research

  • There may be an embargo period in order to allow time to assimilate, develop and publish the research hypothesis.
All users of research data should acknowledge the sources of their data

  • Data should be cited appropriately in order to give credit to the data creators. See citing data ------------
It is appropriate to use public funds to support the management and sharing of publicly-funded research data

  • The University will provide advice and guidance (link to creating data------) on the use of repositories to manage and store research data.

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