Research Data Management
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Searching for data 

Whist individual repositories (see the DataCite list----) will each offer a search of their own databases, in general, data are not as well indexed and as readily accessible as written research articles.

In many cases, researchers will find reference to data from articles themselves, but on other occasions they may wish to search independently.

The UK Data Archive provides a search of the Economic and Social Data Service covering over 5000 digital data collections. 



Metadata search 

The DataCite Metadata Search service provides search interface for metadata attached to datasets that are registered with the DataCite Metadata Store and allows researchers to find others' data and to track their own data's DOI and citations.

Google and Google Scholar are also able to surface data.


Below are some examples of these search engines retrieving the following:

Caplan, P; (2008): Concepts of Healthy Eating Food Research: Phases I and II, 1992-1996; UK Data Archive, University of Essex


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