Food and Biofuel Innovation Centre
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Pilot Scale Facilities

The pilot facilities in the innovation centre cover a wide range of unit operations for food, brewing and biofuel processes within environments that are appropriate to food and non-food production. Each piece of equipment is backed by competent technical assistance and testing facilities. Processes can be tried and products assessed before commitments are made to purchase equipment from external suppliers. Facilities can be used by SMEs  for free, to download the brochure please click on the link below:

Food and Biofuel Innovation Centre Facilities Brochure

Food Science

The food science hall has the plant, equipment and test facilities that you’d expect to find in a number of different food industries, for example, extrusion, bakery equipment, retorting facilities, a development kitchen, QC laboratory and sensory analysis area. The combination of these facilities in one building allows the development of new products from conception to consumption. An innovation area can be set aside so that creation and development of products can occur discreetly.

Brewing Science

With its own experimental brewery and laboratory facilities, this new facility will enable state of the art technologies to be developed for the benefit of the brewing sector as a whole.  Some of these technologies will focus on sustainability in brewing including reductions in energy and water inputs into the process as well as the development of innovative and high value co-products from current brewing waste streams.  Research teams work across the biosciences, chemistry, chemical engineering and environmental sciences to meet the demands of this industry by developing new processes and technologies.


The University of Nottingham has a bioenergy programme that involves several industrial collaborators to accelerate technology transfer and commercial potential. The programme is backed by the innovation centre that contains pilot plant facilities for feedstock production and fermentation in addition to microbiological and testing laboratories. The dedicated equipment combined with a range of expertise will assist the development of new and efficient ways to turn waste and non-food agricultural products (e.g. wood and straw) into alcohol for use as fuel. 


Food and Biofuel Innovation Centre

Bioenergy and Brewing Science
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