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María Guadalupe Cuenca de Moreno

Other names/titles:
Gender: F
Ethnic origin: Unknown

Biographical details

She was born in Chuquisaca (Sucre) where she met Mariano Moreno, who was studying at the university. He saw a portrait of her and asked who she was. They married on 20 May 1804. In 1805 they moved to Buenos Aires with their infant son. On 25 January 1811 he sailed for Europe, leaving her in Buenos Aires. She wrote several letters to him, none of which reached him, as he died at sea on 4 March 1811. She asked the government for a pension, which was granted. She son also joined the army; he left the country during Rosas's rule and returned with Guadalupe. She died in Buenos Aires on 1 September 1854. (Sosa de Newton, 165).

She wrote a letter in May 1811, in which she stated: "The Junta gave orders that the alcades in each quarter should tell their citizens to erect triumphal arches and other things, to show their patriotism, and to put up double illuminations besides their usual contribution. I haven't given anything. […] The festival has been a poor thing, and the crowds have been small. […] It seems to me that the people are not contented." (Halperín-Donghi, 163-164)

Her letters to Manuel Moreno are reproduced on the following website:

Life Events

Born 1790She was born in Chuquisaca (Sucre).
Married 1804She married Mariano Moreno on 20 May 1804.
Other 1805She moved to Buenos Aires.
Other 1811In May 1811 she wrote a letter denigrating the patriotic celebrations.
Other 1811Her husband, Mariano Moreno died at sea on 4 March 1811.
Died 1854She died in Buenos Aires on 1 September 1854.


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Letter: Carta

Letter: carta

Letter: carta

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Letter: Carta

Letter: Carta

Letter: carta


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