Gendering Latin American Independence
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Custodio García Rovira

Other names/titles:
Gender: M
Ethnic origin: Unknown

Biographical details

The son of Juan de Dios García and Rosa Rovira, and brother of Petronila García Rovira. A lawyer, writer and painter, he was a member of the Triunvirato that briefly governed the republic. He accompanied President Fernández Madrid when he retired to Popayán, as Comandante del Ejército de Reserva. He learned of the defeat at Cuchilla del Tambo and sought refuge in Popayán region along with other leading families. Among these was the Piedrahita family (parents and four daughters). García Rovira decided to flee into the mountains, then through the jungle into Brazil, but fell in love with María Josefa Piedrahita, who was around 16 years old. They were married at an improvised ceremony by Fray Francisco Antonio Florido. He was imprisoned shortly afterwards and taken to Bogotá with Colonel Liborio Mejia, Monsalve and others, where he was executed on 8 August 1816. (Monsalve, 146-147)

He attended Manuela Sanz de Santamaría's tertulias and was hung for his pro-independence activities in 1816. (Monsalve, 24)

Life Events

Died 1816He was executed in Bogotá by the royalists on 8 August 1816.
Married 1816He married María Josefa Piedrahita (in 1816?).


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