Gendering Latin American Independence
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María Francisca Domínguez del Castillo de Fernández

Other names/titles: Amira
Gender: F
Ethnic origin: White

Biographical details

From one of Bogotá's leading families, she was the daughter of José María Domínguez, a rich, important patriot. She married José Fernández Madrid on 16 July 1815. In 1816? they fled Bogotá, travelling on foot through the jungle, at times forging a path by machete. She caught a fever and Fernández Madrid gave a piece of gold to buy water to quench her thirst. They were caught by the royalists at the end of July in Chaparral and were taken to La Plata (Colombia) where Fernández Madrid was ordered to be incorporated into the royalist troops. In mid-August 1816?, she was taken back to Bogotá by a drunken sergeant and four soldiers who travelled by night. Immediately on arrival she was taken before Morillo. She, José Fernández Madrid, and her brother-in-law, Francisco Madrid, were condemned to exile in La Habana. (Monsalve, 149-150)

She was held by Morillo in a cell adjoining the Casa Consistorial in 1816. (Monsalve, 159)

Sister of Rosa Domínguez de Gual. Sister of María Josefa Domínguez del Castillo de Roche. Related to José María Domínguez Roche?

She was José Fernández Madrid's muse, his Amira.

Life Events

Married 1815She married José Fernández Madrid on 16 July 1815.
Other 1816She was imprisoned by Morillo.


Monsalve, José D, (1926), Mujeres de la independencia


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