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Victoria Pueyrredón de Pueyrredón (Mamá Totó)

Other names/titles:
Gender: F
Ethnic origin: Unknown

Biographical details

She was born in Buenos Aires on 21 December 1808, the daughter of Manuela Caamaño and José Cipriano Pueyrredón. Niece of Juan Martín de Pueyrredón. She married her cousin, Mariano Pueyrredón in 1830 and they lived on a small farm. Her sister and husband lived with them for a time and their son, the future author, José Fernández was born at her home in 1834. There was an abundance of food on the farm and Pueyrredón kept supplies of fruit, vegetables and meat for hungry travellers in her porch. In 1840 they were persecuted by Rosas and fled to Brazil where they lived until Rosas fell. They returned to find their home ruined, but worked to restore it. Tradition states that she used an image of Rosas as a carpet, as she lived to stand and walk on him for revenge. She died on 18 April 1888. 100 gauchos attended her funeral. (Sosa de Newton, 513-514)

Life Events

Born 1808She was born in Buenos Aires 21 December 1808.
Married 1830She married Mariano Pueyrredón.
Other 1840She fled to Brazil to escape Rosas.
Other 1852She returned from exile.
Died 1888She died on 18 April 1888.


Sosa de Newton, Lily, (1986), Diccionario biográfico de mujeres argentinas


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