Gendering Latin American Independence
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Other names/titles:
Gender: F
Ethnic origin: Indigenous

Biographical details

She was employed by H.G. Ward during their travels through Mexico: “Chapalita, the Indian nurse, used to superintend the culinary operations [...]; and often have I seen her, before daylight, bending over the fire, and concocting a kettle of Atolli, or Champorada, with the child slung over her back in the Indian fashion, and exposed to the bracing cold of the morning air. [...] The little creature seemed to thrive upon this system, and as all was confusion within that hour, the servants being busy in making up the loads, and her mother occupied with the care of her less healthy sister, we generally let her take her chance.” (Ward, 407-408)

Life Events

Other 1825She was employed by H.G. Ward in Mexico City.


Ward, H. G., (1828), Mexico in 1827


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Gendering Latin American Independence

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