Gendering Latin American Independence
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William (Guillermo) Miller

Other names/titles:
Gender: M
Ethnic origin: White

Biographical details

Born in Wingham, Kent, England in 1795, he lived in Peru for many years as Guillermo Miller. His works include Memorias (published, London, 1829) a two-volume study of Peruvian Independence. One volume underlines his role in the Independence Wars, a tactic used to boost book sales to provide an income for him. The second is more general and more neutral. (Wu)

He met Flora Tristán at her aunt, Manuela de Tristán’s Salon (Tristán, 259).

Lynch describes his "outstanding military service". He was governor of Potosí in 1825. (Lynch, xviii)

In 1821, he led a unit under San Martín, which landed in Arica, and went through Tacna to Moquegua. It left soon afterwards following minor victories, but caused great concern among Arequipa's royalists as it exposed Spain's weakness. (Wibel, 290)

He died in 1861.

Life Events

Born 1795He was born in Wingham, Kent, England.
Other 1821He led a campaign from Arica to Moquergua (via Tacna).
Other 1825He was governor of Potosí.
Other 1829His memoirs were published in London.
Died 1861


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