Gendering Latin American Independence
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Josefa Taboada de Absalo

Other names/titles:
Gender: F
Ethnic origin: White

Biographical details

A well-educated woman from a good Mexican family. She married Mariano Abasolo, a close friend of Ignacio Allende, a few days before the Grito de Dolores. She followed Abasolo into battle, and was present when Hidalgo took the town of San Miguel de Allende. Abasolo was taken prisoner at La Noria de Baján and taken to Chihuahua where he was sentenced to death. Taboada went on her knees to the military commander, Nemesio Salcedo y Salcedo to plead for his life. She managed to persuade Viceroy Venegas to reduce the sentence to perpetual imprisonment in Spain. She accompanied Abasolo to Veracruz where she gave her jewels to the captain to pay for her passage. Abasolo died in 1816 in Spain. Taboada returned to Mexico where she continued to support the independence struggle. (Rosales, 57-60)

Life Events

Married 1810She married Mariano Abasolo.
Other 1816She was widowed.


Romero de Valle, Emilia, (1948), Mujeres de América


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