Maria Josepha da Fontoura Palmeiro


Ethnic origen: White


1836  -  Porto Alegre  -  Unknown  -  She carried messages to Bento Gonçalves during the siege of Porto Alegre in 1836, for which she was banished and deported.


Farroupilha War
Women convicts
Women fighters in Brazil

Born into a leading liberal family of Rio Grande do Sul, she played a notable role in the Farroupilha War of Rio Grande do Sul (1835-45). According to Fernando Luis Osório Filho, she and her sisters and mother (the widow of Captain Palmeiro) used to organize clandestine meetings in their house in Porto Alegre in support of the Farroupilha cause (Osório, 34). Maria Josepha was particularly renowned for spreading news and carrying messages for the Farroupilha side, notably to their leader Bento Gonçalves during the siege of the provincial capital Porto Alegre in 1836. For this specific act, she was banished and deported from Porto Alegre with twenty-four hours notice. Her daughter later suffered the same fate for similar spying and message bearing activities. (Flores, 33; Frigeri and Rüdiger, 174).


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