Isabel Inácia de Jesus


Ethnic origen: White


1836  -  Rio Grande do Sul  -  Unknown  -  She and her children are believed to have died alongside her husband in the course of the Farroupilha War.


Farroupilha War

Isabel Inácia de Jesus is associated with the Farroupilha War of Rio Grande do Sul (1835-45). She is linked with the Farroupilha Republican cause and with a particular incident in this conflict in 1836 near Jaguarão in Rio Grande do Sul. Her husband Tobias dos Santos, commander of the cutter Minuano was carrying troops and messages to the Republican forces when he was attacked by the Legalist first lieutenant Manoel Joaquim de Souza Junqueiro. When he ran out of ammunition he surrendered but refused to be captured and fall into enemy hands. He therefore set fire to his own boat. Some sources claim that his wife and family perished on board along with him, whilst other versions state that his wife and children ran from the ship but were cut to pieces on shore by enemy forces.


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