Ana Junqueira


Ethnic origen: White


1836  -  Rio Grande do Sul  -  Royalist  -  She fought alongside her husband for the Monarchist cause in the Farroupilha War (1835-45).


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Ana Junqueira is associated with the Farroupilha War of Rio Grande do Sul (1835-45). Linked with the pro-Monarchist, imperial, cause, Ana Junqueira was the wife of first lieutenant Manoel Joaquim de Souza Junqueiro and she accompanied and assisted her husband in several naval battles during this campaign. In 1836, her husband commanded an imperial ship Oceano, which enjoined battle with a ship from the opposing Farroupilha Republican side commanded by Tobias dos Santos near Jaguarão. Dos Santos surrendered but refused to be captured. He burnt his ship killing himself and possibly also his wife Isabel Inácia de Jesus and their children. Ana Junqueira is thought to have remained an active combatant alongside her husband, dying childless many years after the end of the Farroupilha War (1845) in Porto Alegre and leaving her goods and property to the Sisters of the Hospital das Dores.


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