Manoela Gonçalves da Silva


Ethnic origen: White


1839  -  Rio Grande do Sul  -  Unknown  -  Met and fell in love with Guiseppe Garibaldi.


Farroupilha War
Gonçalves da Silva family

Manoela Gonçalves was the niece of the Farroupilha Republican leader Bento Gonçalves in the Farroupilha War of Rio Grande do Sul (1835-45). Whilst staying with her aunts Ana and Antônia Gonçalves da Silva on their estate at Camaquã, she legendarily fell in love with Guiseppe Garibaldi. As she was engaged to her cousin Joaquim Gonçalves da Silva, she was not allowed to marry Garibaldi and is ultimately reputed to have died disillusioned and unmarried (Dutra da Silveira, 72). Garibaldi famously went on to marry another Brazilian, Ana Maria Jesus de Ribeiro.


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