Gendering Latin American Independence
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Legal petition


Writing Type: Petition


Extract from a petition in which she demands her rights as an equal citizen.

Keywords: ciudadanas, Venezuela, marriage, women´s rights

Archive: Hallworth Library, University of Nottingham

Location Details: Reproduced and translated in Arlene Díaz, Female Citizens, Patriarchs, and the Law in Venezuela, 1786-1904, University of Nebraska Press, 2004, pp.1 and 168.

Text: February 7, 1812

In marriage, husbands are nothing but the ones who represent the family, and women, their compañeras, who should help them with marital obligations but are not condemned to be their husbands´ slaves; nor are women of an inferior condition in the exercise of their rights; the quality of being a woman does not exclude them wither from the societal order or from the guaranty to enjoy their liberty and security of their person. The law makes us all equals as citizens, and if my husband is by this right authorized to behave in a free manner, I am, by the same right, entitled to resolve my needs on my own.

Gendering Latin American Independence

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