Extreme Weather in the UK

The TEMPEST Database

Letter from Charles Palmer 1714

The Tempest Database

TEMPEST has been created as part of an AHRC funded project 'Spaces of Experience and Horizons of Expectation': Extreme weather in the UK, past, present and future (2013-2016). The digital database represents research material gathered by the project team and is a freely available research tool.

The information has been extracted from a wide range of archival documents, including letters, diaries, church records, school log-books, newspaper cuttings and photographs. Entries span 500 years of weather history and relate to places across the UK (and Ireland), though our search was focused in five case-study regions: Central England, Southwest England, East Anglia, Wales, and Northwest Scotland.

In addition to information on extreme weather events, you will find details of the original documents, their authors and the collections and repositories in which they are held. We acknowledge the help and support of staff in the archives, record offices and libraries where we have worked.

To search the database click on the Search tab. You can search for events using a variety of criteria. Before you begin we suggest you read the Guide on how to use this page accessed through the Help tab.

Mae'r gronfa ddata TEMPEST wedi cael ei chreu ar gyfer y prosiect 'Spaces of Experience and Horizons of Expectation: Extreme weather in the UK, past, present and future.' Mae'n declyn ymchwil ar gyfer ymchwilio i dywydd eithafol hanesyddol a'i oblygiadau, ac yn cynnwys 18434 o gofnodion o ddigwyddiadau tywydd ar hyn o bryd. Mae'r wybodaeth wedi dod o ystod eang o ddogfennau hanesyddol (gan gynnwys llythyron, dyddiaduron, cofnodion eglwysi a chofnodion ysgolion, ymhlith eraill). Yn ogystal â gwybodaeth am ddigwyddiadau tywydd eithafol, mae'r gronfa ddata hefyd yn darparu gwybodaeth ar y dogfennau hanesyddol, eu hawduron a'r archifdai.