University of Nottingham  

Project Implementation

Implementation of the project comprised three phases, each commencing with a plenary visit to China:

Phase I: Project Foundations

Much of the work in Phase I was done through exchange visits by Chinese scientists and engineers to leading UK institutions which played important roles in the Foresight project and involved:

Phase II: Driver and Responses Analysis

The analysis phase commenced with a review of data, scenarios and models set up in Phase I, followed by qualitative and quantitative analyses and the development of a sustainability framework.

Phase III: Final synthesis

In the final synthesis phase the UK team drew on their experiences of working with the UK Government in order to assist Chinese researchers in drawing conclusions and messages from the project.

Management team

The project was managed by a joint UK-China team consisting of:

Prof Edward Evans (joint project director) University of Nottingham
Prof Colin Thorne University of Nottingham
Prof Xiaotao Cheng (joint project director) China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research (IWHR), Beijing
Dr Haoyun Wu Taihu Basin Authority of the Ministry of Water Resources (TBA)
Qing Mei TBA
The team wish to thank the many officials in the UK and China who provided their generous support to the project