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Adam Algar

Associate Professor in Ecology, Faculty of Social Sciences


Research Summary

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My research focuses on the geography of biological diversity. Ecological systems are tremendously diverse and variable. However, when viewed through the biogeographer's lens, general patterns emerge in how species are distributed along broad environmental gradients (especially climatic ones). My research attempts to identify components of the physical environment, such as climate, that can predict these patterns and the ecological and evolutionary processes that underlie them.

In particular I am interested in questions like:

  • What determines global patterns of biodiversity?

  • What factors determine species' geographical distributions?

  • What is the climatic niche and how does it evolve?

  • How does the physical environment influence community assembly across the globe?

  • How will global change influence species and communities and what can it tell us about fundamental ecological and evolutionary processes?

Much of this work focuses on terrestrial vertebrates, particularly lizards and frogs (especially Anolis lizards in the Neotropics and Caribbean). However, I have also worked on other groups, such as Canadian butterflies.

My research integrates methods and theories from biogeography, community ecology, macroecology, and macroevolution using geographic information systems, spatial statistics, phylogenetic comparative methods and null modelling of community assembly.

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