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Isla Forsyth

Associate Professor in Cultural and Historical Geography, Faculty of Social Sciences



I am interested in the natures of war; considering the ways in which nature has been militarised and militarism naturalised.

My research interests in cultural and historical geography focus on the geographical dimensions of a series of themes, including science and technology studies, critical military geography and more-than-human geographies.

In particular, I am interested how the North African desert has been framed as a violent landscape through a series of colonial and military interventions and the ways in which covert and deceptive strategies and technologies of warfare are legitimised.

In 2017 I published 'Second World War British Military Camouflage: Designing Deception, a historical geography of modern camouflage in the British military through a biography of the scientist, artist and camoufleur Dr Hugh Cott. The book charted camouflage's development, uncovering the history of an ambiguous invention and subverting a long dominant narrative of camouflage as a benign technology.

Currently, I am undertaking research into the development of covert warfare in the desert in WWII in order to analyse the entangled relationship between military mobilities, battlespace ecologies, and the embodied experiences of conflict, while tracing the lasting legacies of these on framings of North African and the Middle East in contemporary geopolitics.

Research Summary

I am keen to supervise the following topics:

Military technologies and their impacts on the geographies of war

Cultures of warfare and embodied experiences of conflict

Covert geographies of war

Animal and more-than-human geographies

Historical geographies of the desert

Recent Publications

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