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Kiri Langmead

Teaching Associate, Faculty of Social Sciences



I joined the department in 2016 having worked at Sheffield Hallam University and the Centre for Regional, Social and Economic Research. My research interests are situated in the field of economic geography, labour geographies and critical management studies. More specifically, I focus on grassroots and collective alternatives to capitalism including community organisations and cooperatives. Using in depth qualitative research with two urban cooperatives doctoral thesis explores how the organisations' culture of democracy opens opportunities: for contradictions between existing and hoped for economies to be explored and creatively negotiated; for social and economic aims and needs to be balanced in a move towards more sustainable business; and for understandings of work to be reconceptualised to incorporate social and emotional as well as economic needs. My research also explores the challenges and potential of participatory and solidarity action research, the use of emotion and body praxis as an ethnographic research tool and meanings and practices of research ethics in critical qualitative methods.

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