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Neven Tandaric

PhD Researcher,


Teaching Summary

During my post at the University of Nottingham, I have been demonstrating in the Environment, Development and Livelihoods module with Sarah Jewitt. I have also given tutorials in Human Geography.

I was a demonstrator in Applied Geoecology for two years at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Science, Department of Geography. I organised and conducted student exercises including landscape analysis, interpretation and assessment.

Research Summary

PhD research topic: Planning for cultural ecosystem services: A study of socialist and post-socialist Zagreb, Croatia

Summary: The research I am conducting is concerned with urban nature in Zagreb, Croatia after the mid-20th century, trying to understand changes in the ways such nature has been perceived, appreciated, planned, managed and used in socialist, transition and post-socialist periods. Moreover, the research will try to reveal how were urbanites and urban planner's standpoints toward urban nature affected by the ideological, political and sociocultural settings of different periods. An important dimension of research is trying to translate the acquired information into applicable knowledge.

Start date: October 2017

Research supervisors:

Primary funding source: AHRC: Midlands3Cities

Selected Publications

Past Research

My previous research can be grouped into two topics: the study of the geodiversity and geoheritage in Croatia and development of landscape ecology theoretical framework with implications for planning.

  • NEVEN TANDARIĆ, CHRISTOPHER D. IVES and CHARLES WATKINS, 2020. Can we plan for urban cultural ecosystem services? Journal of Urban Ecology. 6(1), juaa016
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  • NEVEN TANDARIĆ, CHRISTOPHER D. IVES and CHARLES WATKINS, 2019. Creating opportunities as a form of planning for cultural ecosystem services In: Nature and Society facing the Anthropocene Challenges and Perspectives for Landscape Ecology: 10th IALE World Congress.
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  • TANDARIĆ, NEVEN and TEKIĆ, IVAN, 2012. Percepcija javnosti o geografiji kao znanosti i školskom predmetu At: Zagreb

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