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Sarah Hall

Professor of Economic Geography, Faculty of Social Sciences



My research focuses on developing politically, culturally and socially sensitive understandings of the geographies of economic change. I develop this work through a focus on the transformation of the financial system and its implications for finance led economic development. Through my work, I demonstrate how global finance is reproduced and rendered economically and politically powerful through local practices that are institutionally, culturally and socially mediated across a range of scales.

I have particular interests in: international financial centres; new forms of financial globalization including currency internationalisation; and the changing nature of financial work and financial labour markets. Supported by funding from the ESRC, the British Academy, The Leverhulme Trust and the Nuffield Foundation, the majority of my research centres on financial services in the UK, London's international financial district and its relations with North America, Europe and China.

(1) Geographies of markets and marketization

(2) The economic geography of contemporary financial elites

(3) Politics, power and rethinking international financial centres

I was appointed an Editor of Geoforum in 2013 and have been awarded a British Academy Mid Career Fellowship (2015-2017).

Research Summary

Research projects

2015-2016 British Academy Mid Career Fellowship 'New mobile elites: motivations, experiences and trajectories of highly skilled Chinese migrants in London'. £102,515

2015-2019 Leverhulme Trust Programme Grant on Sustaining Urban habitats: an interdisciplinary approach (Co-investigator, PI Professor Darren Robinson, total grant £1.75m)

2011-2014: British Academy 'Globalizing for-profit business education service firms and the making of education markets in the UK and US

2008-2010: ESRC First Grant 'Spaces of business education and the (re)production of financial theory in practice'. £189,350.

2009: Financial Services Research Forum 'The wholesale-retail finance interface' with Prof Jon Beaverstock (Co-I), £8,690.

2009: Financial Services Research Forum 'Scoping the private wealth management of the high net work market in the UK's financial services industry'. Co-investigator with Prof Jon Beaverstock (P-I), £9,950.

2006-2007: ESRC, 'The globalization of the executive search industry in Europe'. Co-investigator with Prof Jon Beaverstock (P-I) and Dr James Faulconbridge (Co-I, Lancaster University). £44,968.

2005-2007: The Nuffield Foundation, 'Geographies of quantitative finance: American business schools and investment banking in London's financial district'. £7,456.

Selected Publications

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