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Shamsudeen Zailani

PhD Researcher,


Research Summary

Research title: Evaluation of the supply chain of tomato and postharvest and losses in Nigeria

This research focuses on food loss and waste after the farm gate, also known as 'postharvest losses' (PHL), in Kaduna state Nigeria. Research has indicated that farms lose as much as 50% of their produce due to pests and diseases, lack of processing facilities and improper postharvest handling. The magnitude and causes of PHL vary by crop and geographical regions. In Nigeria, there is great potential to sustainably improve the flow of food supplies from farmers to consumers. This research explores the journey of a tomato from farm to consumers with the objective of gaining better understandings of the underlying dynamics that influence PHL from the perspective of the main actors. Attention is placed on losses that occur at different stages of the supply chain drawing on interviews with 64 farmers, 27 intermediaries, 45 traders and 38 consumers.

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