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I am an interdisciplinary researcher who gains a master's degree in Arts Management at Shanghai Conservatory of Music, China. My master's degree has introduced me into the cultural and creative industry and developed my passion for related cultural policy. My master's thesis investigates the knowledge networks within the music industrial clusters in the Yangtze River Delta in China, which works towards a local music festival hold by the Shanghai government.

I develop my research interest later in the field of industrial clusters in the field that cultural and creative industries. I analyse the cultural industries in a lens of economic geography, particularly industrial landscape and structure. My PhD study investigates the digital clusters of the music industry on a Chinese social media (Tik Tok/ Douyin), trying to find the impact of digital clustering on music production and cultural autonomy of musicians.

Expertise Summary

My research interest is on the evolution of the cultural and creative industry in responding to the rapidly changing market, policy transition, and industrial competition. My current research is on the transformation of the digital music industry's landscape, at which I look into the music businesses (music streaming, recording labels, musicians' agencies and musicians' studio). My another focus is on the culture autonomy and development of the cultural and creative industries, which I highlight the economic activities and political intervention that has reshaped the industry.

Research Summary

Reshaping the Music industry: The User-generated Platforms and Emerging Independent Musicians in China - A case study of Douyin

Abstract: The Chinese social media Douyin (TikTok) has drawn much attention from the music industry in recent years. This new user-generated content (UGC) platform for 15 seconds short videos has triggered independent musicians to start businesses on this social media and achieved success by generating a number of popular songs hitting the ranking in music streaming. The new UGC platforms (Douyin as a case) have seen the potential to impact the music industry's landscape, which would be interesting to investigate. The proposed research will conduct a case study of Douyin and discuss the broader UGC platforms that involve in the music industry. The study will critically explore how the new UGC social platforms have reshaped the music industry's landscape through interviewing explicitly recording labels, agency, and musicians.

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