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Alexander Harby

Alexander Harby

Start date

October 2014

Research topic

Historical Geographies of War Gaming

Research supervisors

Primary funding source

School of Geography studentship

School research theme

Cultural and Historical Geography

Research summary

My research will examine Western board games from the 20th century to understand how they interpret historical geopolitics for a public audience. For example, I would be interested in how World War II-themed games represent the territories and militaries of each side of the war to the public for particular purposes, perhaps emphasising the moral aspects of the war for a propaganda game produced during the war, or trying to simulate the structure of military battles realistically for a post-war audience. 

My research interests involved in this project are the geographies of the military, the forms and power of discourses (eg. how state propaganda might influence popular culture), and the potential of studying historical objects to learn about historical geographies. I am also interested in landscape geographies and in the historical geographies of academia, particularly geography itself.


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