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Rowan Dejardin

Start date

October 2014

Research topic

Understanding global teleconnections between ocean and atmosphere over the transition from the last glacial maximum (ca. 25ka) to the present in the Southern Ocean

Research supervisors

  • Dr Sev Kender
  • Dr George Swann
  • Professor Melanie Leng (British Geological Survey)
  • Dr Vicky Peck (BAS)
  • Dr Claire Allen (BAS)

School research theme


Research summary

I am interested in reconstructing past climatic and oceanographic conditions using micropalaeontological and geochemical proxies. The PhD project I am working on is mainly focussed on recovering records of temperature, salinity, nutrient availability, productivity and water column structure, from a suite of cores along the continental shelf north of South Georgia. To produce these records the project will use a range of proxies including benthic foraminifera and diatom assemblages, stable isotopes, palynology, biogenic silica, grain size analyses, organic carbon, and C/N ratios. 

The project will investigate how the fronts associated with the Antarctic Circumpolar Current (ACC), a potential source of atmospheric CO2 during the last deglaciation, varied around South Georgia during this time period. South Georgia is of particular significance because it sits in the path of the ACC, between the Antarctic Polar Front (APF) and the Southern ACC Front (SACCF). Changes in the interaction of the SACCF with the South Georgia shelf, the primary nutrient source feeding the South Georgia bloom, the largest sink of CO2 in the Southern Ocean will provide information about natural variability in the ACC through the Holocene and its sensitivity to the Southern Westerly Winds.


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