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Liam Clark

BA Geography

Liam speaks about the diversity and support his course offers.

James Salinger

BA Geography

James describes the useful skills he has developed from his degree.

Abigail Jones

BA Geography

Abigail speaks about her time spent studying abroad as part of her degree.

James Rowe

BA Geography

Taking geography at Nottingham has been the best decision I have made. The course is flexible, allowing me to chose how and what I study.

The third year dissertation allowed me to explore and research a particular aspect of geography; I decided to explore the Homeless Geographies of Nottingham City Centre.

There are also lots of opportunities to travel, whether it be the compulsory field trip to the Lake Distinct in first year or a semester in Australia, and I particularly enjoyed my third year trip to Paris.

It has been great being taught by some of the best geographers in the world at a university that has helped me grow academically and in a department that I really feel a part of.

Sonia Lesser

BSc Geography

Studying geography at the University of Nottingham has provided me with excellent opportunities to broaden my interests.

In my second year, I spent a semester studying at Melbourne University, Australia, where I not only experienced studying in a different environment but also used my time there to travel around the country; a great substitute for not having taken a gap year!

Through the Royal Geographical Society I have participated on the Geography Ambassador Scheme during my final year. This involved running sessions in secondary schools on the study of geography. My enthusiasm towards my own studies at university has helped me to encourage others and promote the study of geography at university.

This experience has helped me to decide my future career path and has led me to undertake a PGCE in primary education.

Steve Berrill

BA Geography

The geography course is really flexible, offering a broad mix of physical and human geography modules. I've done modules in economic geography and bio-geography; areas of the subject I had never even thought about during my A levels.

You are also able to take subsidiary modules from outside of the department if you like, which means you can add an extra dimension, for example, a language, to your degree.

I enjoy being in such a friendly department. I have been given the chance to attend field trips in Paris and Italy. I'm not sure what I want to do when I graduate but the good thing about a university of this calibre is that employers actively try and recruit its graduates.

Brie Rogers Lowery

BA Geography

Geography was always my favourite subject at school, which is why I wanted to pursue it at degree level. I am interested in the global aspects of geography and was particularly attracted to the human geography modules offered by the University of Nottingham.

One of the course's greatest strengths is the community feel it generates in the department. Through the compulsory field trip in your first year, you quickly get to know the other names and faces on the course and everyone sticks together across the years.

The department has a dedicated resource centre which offers maps of the world, a 24-hour computer room and GIS facilities.

I was the President of the Geography Society and also a member of the Staff Student Consultative Committee, which meant that I acted as a liaison between staff and students to ensure good communication between the two.

Kathryn Hill

BSc Geography

I was initially attracted to study at Nottingham because of the beautiful campus and excellent sporting and social facilities. However, as soon as I began my course I realised that I was also joining a well established and very dynamic and cutting-edge department, one in which students are actively encouraged to pursue their own academic interests.

I undertook the BSc Geography course at Nottingham and found it to be very flexible, allowing me to focus on my interests of environmental security, development and resource management.

The staff were extremely knowledgeable, as well as approachable and supportive, and assisted with anything from exam preparation to the writing up of dissertations.


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