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Kristina Ganchenko

Erasmus+ Programme Administrator & Erasmus+ Grant Coordinator, Faculty of Global Engagement


Expertise Summary

Kristina is responsible for administering the University's Erasmus+ European Credit Mobility and International Credit Mobility (ICM) programme with universities across the world. This includes providing guidance and support to students and staff, ensuring administrative compliance with programmes requirements and arranging payments.

Kristina previously worked as International Relations Assistant, supporting International Officer for Study Abroad, and was involved in all aspects of international outgoing mobility programmes for the University of Nottingham students as well as developing cross-cultural educational workshops for students pre-departure and re-entry conferences.

Past Research

"Requests and counters in Russian traffic police officer-citizen encounters. Face and identity implications"

Publication date Dec 2016. John Benjamins Publishing

publication description This paper analyses video recorded interactions between police officers and drivers in traffic stops in Russia. The interactions were recorded via cameras installed on the drivers' car dashboards, and subsequently uploaded to YouTube; a practice to which over one million Russian motorists have resorted to counterbalance perceived high levels of bribery and corruption (Griaznova 2007). The analysis focuses on responses to opening requests for identification in five different encounters. These show that the drivers repeatedly engage in potentially interpersonally sensitive activities in which the vulnerability of face, especially that of the police officer, is interactionally manifested by launching counter requests in return. The organisation of the request-counter request sequences highlights how face and identity related concerns are interwoven in the participants' attempts to contest each other's authority.

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