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The University of Nottingham and The University of Adelaide have collaborated in a number of ways for many years. Researchers at each of Nottingham's global campuses and Adelaide are working together on many of the world's most pressing challenges such as food security, climate change and health.  

Our relationship with Adelaide is further characterised through initiatives such as our Joint PhD programme, bespoke summer schools and an active student exchange agreement. Through these and other initiatives dozens of students move between our two institutions each year.


Research Collaboration

There is a long and productive history of collaboration between our institutions going back to the 1950s with Professor Denis O. 'Doj' Jordan, a Chemist who along with Nottingham colleagues JM Creeth (who later joined him in Adelaide) and JM Gulland in 1947 discovered the bonds – hydrogen bonds – which hold the DNA molecule together, paving the way for Watson & Crick. Doj's career began at Nottingham before moving on to Adelaide, where he retired as Pro-Vice-Chancellor. 

Today, the Universities of Nottingham and Adelaide have similar research profiles with collaborations in a number of globally important areas. In particular, both Universities boast internationally recognised capabilities in agricultural, environmental, plant, animal, food and nutrition sciences, with the University of Adelaide’s Waite Campus being a major collaborating partner of the University of Nottingham's School of Biosciences. The programme is directed by Professor Ian Fisk.

Teaching Collaboration

Since 2015 Nottingham and Adelaide have delivered an International Doctoral Training Partnership, which began with Biosciences but is now offered across most disciplines. This programme allows students to study for a PhD at both the Universities of Nottingham and Adelaide, spending at least a year at each and with supervision from researchers at both institutions.  

August 2020: The University of Adelaide is advertising 16 studentships on our International Doctoral Training Programme. Further details are available on the Adelaide Graduate Centre website.
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