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International Doctoral Training Partnership with Adelaide

Academically it’s an interesting opportunity to be able to work in two different countries, in two different labs. It also means you create a far broader network than you would when staying in one place and a jointly awarded degree is definitely a plus for finding future employment
Cindy Callens, PhD Student

Bringing together the collective strengths of two top research-intensive universities, you can gain an international outlook in today’s globalised market. With access to the latest technology, equipment and academics who are specialists in their field across two institutions, this programme offers a fantastic opportunity to fast-track your international career with a Dual/Joint PhD.

Referred to as a Dual PhD at Nottingham and a Joint PhD at Adelaide, this International Doctoral Training Partnership allows students to work towards their doctorate with both the University of Nottingham and the University of Adelaide. Students will spend time at, and are supervised by academics at both universities. Students are then jointly assessed and conferred a PhD, with certificates from both institutions. 

There are currently 19 PhD students on the programme working in diverse areas mostly focussed around Biosciences (food science, nutrition, dietetics, wine production, animal science, plant and crop science), Chemistry and Engineering.

There is an annual dissemination event, held at our campuses in the UK, China, Malaysia and Australia and which showcases the research activities from the whole International Doctoral Training Partnership.

In 2019 it was held near Kuala Lumpur at the University of Nottingham Malaysia, and all students were invited to present their findings, attend high level training courses on how to develop a publication and impact strategy for your PhD and a complimentary cultural programme.

History of the programme
Our international Doctoral Training Partnership with the University of Adelaide began in late 2015, with the School of Biosciences at Nottingham and the Waite Research Institute at Adelaide. After a successful launch, the partnership quickly expanded beyond Biosciences to include the disciplines of Geography, Architecture, Chemistry and Mathematical Sciences. With the renewal of the partnership in 2019 the two universities agreed to make the PhD partnership an institutional level agreement, meaning any disciplines may easily join the collaboration. 
How it works
  1. Students begin their four-year PhD at their home institution, which is either Nottingham or Adelaide. Their home institution is responsible for most administrative matters.
  2. Typically, students will start their first year developing their research proposal, skills and starting their research project. They will be eligible for training courses and travel grants from both institution. Students will then transfer to the other institution for at least 12 months, continuing their research abroad.
  3. Students return to their home institution for the remainder of their programme completing their research project and thesis, which is co-supervised by both Nottingham and Adelaide academics.
  4. The final defence of the student's research project is jointly assessed.
  5. If successful, students are awarded a PhD, receiving PhD certificates from both Nottingham and Adelaide recognising the partnership.

Students pay tuition fees for the entire PhD at their home institution only. 


How to apply

Prospective students are advised to first make contact with their home University to identify a supervisor and discuss their ideas for a research proposal.

We recommend searching for an academic supervisor directly via the school webpages and contacting them stating that you are interested in a Dual PhD with Adelaide and that you have or will be securing funding for your PhD. Please ask them for assistance in finding supervisors at your host institution.

Once you have identified supervisors then please contact the Dual PhD administrator at your home institution: Global (Nottingham) and HDR_admissions (Adelaide). You may then apply as detailed below.

Nottingham UK (Home)Nottingham China (Home)Adelaide (Home)
Make contact and then apply Make contact and then apply Make contact and then apply 
Apply here Apply here Apply here

When applying to Nottingham via the Online Application system you will be able to select specific 'Adelaide PhD' programmes.






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