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Our research with The University of Adelaide

Researchers at the Universities of Nottingham and Adelaide have collaborated for many years. In the last 5 years alone almost 300 academics have worked together to author leading publications. Although our collaboration spans many disciplines, from the humanities to the sciences, much of the most concentrated collaboration at present can be found in the realms of agriculture and biosciences:


Example collaboration projects

Students on our International Doctoral Training Programme are working on a wide array of projects, including:

  • The hydroclimatic history of the Australian subtropics inferred from North Stradbroke and Fraser Island lake sediments (Geography)
  • Smart façade design for high-rise buildings:energy saving using nanothermochromic glazing (Architecture and Built Environment)
  • Predicting growth and yield in underutilized Bambara groundnut landraces using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. (Biosciences)
  • Drug Discovery (Pharmacy)
  • Role of individual variation in sensory perception and consumer purchase decisions (Food Science)
  • Recycling agricultural residues for sustainable crop production (Biosciences)
  • Manipulating the Soil Microbiome for Improved Plant Response to Nitrogen and Drought Stress (Plant and Crop Science)
  • Developing low gravity food processing tools for space travel (Biosciences)

See our PhD Partnership page for more information.



Global Engagement

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