Audio and Visual Recording of Lectures

The Audio and Visual Recording of Lectures and other Interactions by Students

  1. Students may record lectures and other interactions only for the purposes of personal study.  This includes any course related activity undertaken whilst a student is registered at the University, to include, but not limited to: lectures, seminars, tutorials, discussion groups, laboratory work, fieldwork.
  2. A student shall acquire no intellectual property rights in the recording or its contents whatsoever*, and is absolutely prohibited from broadcasting** or supplying the recording to any other person for commercial gain or otherwise except for transcription purposes.
  3. The University has the right to prohibit the recording of lectures and other interactions for students not authorised under the University’s compliance with the Disability Discrimination Act.  For example, for reasons of personal or commercial confidentiality.
  4. Failure to comply with the above shall constitute a disciplinary offence to be dealt with under the University disciplinary procedures.



*   The content of lectures and lecture handouts and other related material may be the intellectual property
     of the University or individual lecturers/tutors, depending in each case on circumstances and interpretation
     of law.

** To include, but not limited to: the internet, television, radio. 

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