Social Media - Think Before You Post

There are countless ways for Nottingham students to express their views about the University, their experiences and their friends.  Many of these are helpful and productive aids for learning as well as for social networking.

However, you need to be aware that anything you post (however innocently intended) on your own blog, web page, via Twitter or on Facebook or similar sites, may be seen as potentially defamatory or libellous.

Any statement you publish may be legally actionable.  Even comments which simply contain factual inaccuracies can potentially cause loss or damage to individuals or jeopardise their safety.  You may be personally liable for the consequences.  Also, you might want to think about how your social media presence might look to a future employer.

You also need to remember that you remain subject to the University’s regulations covering acceptable standards of behaviour; IT facilities usage; harassment and bullying.  In the event of a serious breach of these regulations, on Facebook, Twitter or elsewhere, the University will not hesitate to take action which could lead amongst other things to withdrawal of your IT access, and to a fine or suspension (or even in the most extreme case to expulsion) under the University’s Code of Discipline for Students.

So, do think carefully before posting comments about others.


Dr Paul Greatrix

September 2012 


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