Estates and Space Development Committee

1.  Purpose

The Committee monitors the implementation of the University's Estate Strategy and Masterplan and relevant supporting strategies and plans.  It oversees the Estate and Infrastructure programme and receives investment proposals for consideration.  It is responsible for making recommendations to the Estates and Infrastructure Committee on investment proposals where they exceed its own approval limits.

2.  Responsibilities

  1. Reports to, and advises, the Estates and Infrastructure Committee on the estate development programme including, but not limited to, the capital programme and space management.
  2. Has authority to approve funding for projects up to £250,000, within the approved Estates and Infrastructure budget.
  3. The committee will consider and approve the Estate Plans for all Faculties, Sport, Professional Services, and all other space develoment by all other support facilities.
  4. The committee will approve projects from the Estates and Facilities Budget and approve capital projects funded from other capital budgets on estate and facilities related matters.
  5. Supports the implementation of the University's Estate Strategy by:
    1. Ensuring alignment of project approvals with the Corporate Plan and Estates and Infrastructure Committee;
    2. Using analysis of the size and shape of the University property portfolio to review development proposals and requests.
  6. To oversee the effective management and use of the University estate by:
    1. Developing, implementing and reviewing policies relevant to the Estate, eg. space allocation;
    2. Managing and governing space requirements across Faculties, Schools and Departments;
    3. Reporting performance of the estate;
    4. Governing and agreeing changes of use or occupation of space;
    5. Commissioning reviews of utilisation, quality and standards at University, campus, building and/or department levels.
  7. Supports submissions to external agencies and statutory reporting on estates matters.
  8. Receives and delivers reports and updates to the Estates and Infrastructure Committee as required including an annual report.
  9. Commissions task and finish groups as required to deliver specific areas of the Committee's remit.

3.  General

3.1 Membership


Director of Estates and Facilities

Faculty Representatives

5 x Operations Directors.  One from each faculty.

Professional Services

Deputy Director of Finance
IS Service Delivery Director
Director of Estates (Sustainability)
Space Resources & Programme Manager
Timetabling member

Student Representative

to be nominated by the Students' Union

A Deputy Chair is to be nominated who would be expected to take over from the Chair after three years.

Where relevant to a particular agenda item, the school / department sponsor and Estates Project Officer will be invited to discuss their request for support.

All committee members must familiarise themselves with the University's Governance:

3.2 Chair and support

The Committee will be convened and chaired by the Director of Estates and Facilities.  The Secretary will be supplied by Governance and Executive Support.

3.3 Frequency of meetings

Core business should be conducted with a six-weekly meeting frequency.  Three times a year, the committee should review project status, spend and success.  These sessions could be added onto the core business meetings.

3.4 Deputies

Members of the Committee are expected to nominate a deputy to attend the meeting on their behalf when they are unable to attend.

3.5 Quorum

A quorum will be half the regular membership plus one (7).

3.6 Terms of Office

The term of office for core membership is three years and is considered to be ex officio.

3.7 Reporting and Review

The Committee will report to the Estates and Infrastructure Committee.  The effectiveness and the membership of the Committee will be reviewed annually. 


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