Staff Equality and Diversity Committee

Core Purpose

To communicate the staff voice and share the perceived staff experience in relation to the public sector equality duty and the University's broader commitments such as those set out in Global Strategy 2020.

Primarily through:

  1. Bringing together the Chairs of the staff networks and other representatives of staff with protected characteristics (eg. Trade Union Equality leads) to share relevant issues and to provide advice and guidance to the institution on existing or planned EDI activity/responsibility, acting as a source of consultation on staff views/experience.
  2. Sharing information about existing or proposed EDI activities so that these can be communicated through other formal and informal networks to raise awareness.

Roles and Responsibilitities

  • Contribute towards achievement of the University's equality objectives
  • Share learning/good practice from within the staff groups
  • Support and challenge the University in ongoing work to facilitate an inclusive culture and a representative workforce who experience equal opportunities and outcomes:
    • Offer guidance and advice to operational areas;
    • Review workforce data/statistics;
    • Provide a mechanism for communication and consultation for staff network representatives;
    • Act as a representative group to support the University to undertake appropriate institution-level equality analysis (NB. individual members will also continue to directly support relevant equality analysis activities in line with UoN practice, for example as Chairs of networks being directly consulted on other local policies);
    • Propose policy changes/make recommendations
  • Raise and/or resolve issues of EDI concern arising from feedback on staff experience
  • Champion an always inclusive culture, including facilitating widespread visibility and accessibility of the University's values, vision and specific activities to progress EDI
  • Facilitate close communication and partnership with EDI Board and other EDI structures, for example by responding to requests for consultation/attendance
  • From time to time, provide consultation/communication support that may be requested on the wider People and Culture programme, such as staff engagement, dignity and wellbeing activities


  • Annual report to Institutional Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Board to include:
    • Updates from staff networks and Trade Unions on EDI activities and reflections on the past year, and planned activities and objectives for the coming year
    • Advice and guidance on potential areas for EDI Board focus in the coming year
  • Advice on the University's processes for due regard to the public sector equality duty including equality objectives, equality information (annual diversity report) and equality analysis
  • Other consultation outcomes - ongoing throughout the year as appropriate


SEDC will report to the Institutional Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Board including submission of annual report (which will also be reported to the People Strategy Board) and updates from the Chair, who will be a member of the EDI Board.

SEDC will receive regular update reports and communications from the EDI Board.

SEDC members will report SEDC/EDI Board activity through their own networks.


Associate PVC Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (Chair)
Chair of each Staff Equality Network
Trade Union equality leads
Secretary (from HR)

Appropriate representatives from:
Professional Development
Estates/Nottingham Hospitality
Information Services
Human Resources
International Office
Other central professional services as required

Members should nominate a deputy to attend meetings where they are unable to do so

Consideration to be given to faclitating where possible representation from:

  • different Schools and Departments
  • different levels and job families
  • experience of diverse identities and protected characteristics

This may be through formal membership or through inviting comment on or ad hoc attendance for particular items from members of the other EDI/P&C structures


Meetings will normally take place termly.  There will be a call for papers ideally four weeks (no less than three weeks) prior to the meeting date.  Deadline for receipt of agenda items and all papers, which must be in accessible formats, is two weeks prior to the meeting date.  Agenda and all supporting papers to be circulated at least one week prior to the meeting date by the Secretary (papers not to be tabled, for reasons of inclusivity; slides for presentations to be provided in accessible formats ahead of meeting).

Amendment, Modification or Variation

The Terms of Reference may be amended, varied or modified in writing through consultation and agreement with the Institutional EDI Board.

There will be a review of these terms of reference following the first year of operation.

(updated March 2017)


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