University of Nottingham
Monday 23rd November 2015 (10:00-16:00)


Telephone: 0115 82 32337

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GIS Info workshop

Discover the opportunities for Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in your organisation (using Open Source, Open Standards and Open Data)

Market overview

The market for Geo services has been estimated to be worth up to $270 billion per year [1].  The high cost of proprietary software can be a limiting factor for many government organisations, SMEs and start-ups. Developments in Open Source, Open Standards and Open Data mean that there are now huge cost savings and big opportunities for organisations exploiting Geospatial software and technologies. Many organisations (government, SMEs, corporations) now use GIS to map, visualise and analyse / interpret geographic data.

Benefits of GIS

  • An enabling tool for decision making
  • Reduces cost savings due to greater efficiency
  • Targets your customers better
  • Improves communications (through GIS maps and visualization)

Who should attend this workshop?

Anyone interested in exploring opportunities of using Open geospatial technologies in their operations.

  • SMEs
  • Staff in Local Government
  • Individuals / groups thinking of initiating their own start-ups

Anyone involved in any of these sectors:

  • Agriculture
  • Health
  • Housing
  • Marketing
  • Town Planning
  • Transport

If you would like more information about the workshop, email

Workshop is free so book your place ASAP (use registration link)

Selected participants will be confirmed by email before 30 September 2015

Eligibility: NO need of previous GIS experience.

Criteria: Bring your laptops.




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